Wasn’t that a book series for whippersnappers? I’ve never really enjoyed post-apocalyptic literature.  I prefer to read about happier things.

NO! Just because it was a fad with women in 2012 does not mean that I read it! I may not look it, but I am a tender maiden with some of her innocence left intact after all these years and I just don’t want to read smut like that! I still can’t believe trash like that can be published.


if you don’t mind me asking…why Sweden? Sweden seems like a nice place.

(I deserve an island nation free of whippersnappers, darn it!)


Of course you can, dearie. I may not be your grandma, but I don’t mind giving out hugs like a grandmother should!


We’d like to give GS5 Nick a good welcome.
GS5!!! What do you think???

i’m actually really excited about it!

a lot of people are unhappy that we have no information about the involvement of edgeworth, apollo, maya, and the other characters that have been in the games. but this is just the first scans of a magazine, so there’s no need to worry about it just yet.

if i had to guess, i would say that apollo is going to be involved somehow in the game. langmod, wrightmod, and i were talking about it last night and it would be great if apollo is defense for a couple of cases, phoenix is on a few cases, and one case should involve an international incident so that lang can be involved. 

i don’t know if i can take payne’s brother seriously…i can’t even take payne himself seriously.

but yes, i’m excitedly waiting for more information about it! i’m even using excessive exclamation points!

Well, dearie, the Jupiter mission started in 2011…and I didn’t get this lovely space suit until 2018. Plus, it’s been nearly 3 years since the probe started collecting data, so there’s no hope for me to take part!

Of course, if I can find a way to get to space before I get too terribly old, that would be lovely!


I can’t claim to know anything about the story, but based off of a two-second Google search (which is something you whippersnappers should learn to do), I think I know what happened at the end.

That’s an ending that really rocks you to your soul. Sometimes you have to save a whippersnapper to save the ones you love.


(the screencaps are from [S] Synchronize and [S] Unite.)

i’ve been back in school for nearly 2 weeks now. i have a little more free time than i did this summer, but i’m still going to be slow at answering stuff. as always, be patient and keep on sending questions. they’ll get posted eventually.

i might do something special for my next follower milestone, which is approaching slowly, but steadily. i might make better art or something. who knows.

also, i saw the ace attorney movie. it was wonderful.


what did you think of the ace attorney movie?

i haven’t seen it yet.


I enjoy the Olympics, but I don’t really have a favorite sport or anything. I tend to listen to the office gossip about the results and watch replays when I get home. The 2016 Olympics were fun to watch…Rio de Janeiro is a beautiful city!

And Mars? Psh, you really are living in the past, dearie! There’s a NASA probe that is gathering data on Jupiter right now.* The findings are fascinating, to say the least!


*Mentioned on Wikipedia and the NASA website